ACI Exams Update

Please find attached some information concerning the update of ACI exams, to be shared with all your members and contacts

– Infosheet exams update 24 04 2013
– 20130425 ACI OC Syllabus showchanges newEN (In yellow all the updated sections)
– 20130227 ACI OC new sample questions EN

This information is also available in the ACI website:
ACI exams update:
ACI Operations Certificate:

 Infosheet_exams_update_25 04 2013 (2).pdf (180.94 KB)
 20130425 ACI_OC_syllabus_showchanges_newEN.pdf (172.92 KB)
 20130227 ACI-OC_new sample questions EN.pdf (165.15 KB)